Meet our Friend Bob

bob-brown-bio-pic-150x150One of the great privileges of being in the home remodeling field is that I get to meet and know so many great  people and families. My Crew and I spent several weeks Remodeling the Brown residence in Centereach. As always we get to know a bit about our customers and they get to know a bit about us.

Around the Brown residence you couldn't help but notice the many complex lego builds. Young Bob Brown pictured here was responsible for those awesome builds. One day while at the brown residence, Bob came up to me and said "Hey Dan come here and look at this" So I walked over to where he was pointing and saw this small lego scene that he made. I didn't recognize this as anything particular considering some of his thousand piece builds were easily recognizable as Star Wars fighter ships etc.. so I asked "What is it"? And he replied "Its the Island Homecraft crew!" He then pointed at each figure and named every member of our company as well as our trucks. This of course made my day! I asked his Mom and Dad if it would be okay to put this on our web site for a few weeks just for fun and they proudly agreed so here's our crew!